SPECTA Pen & Ball


Why is SPECTA for you.

You need to see it in action!

Beautiful and Purposeful Design

Engineered to be functional, designed to look sleek and beautiful in the hands.

Interactive Rotating Scales

Load your senses with rotating scales that interacts. How cool is that!

A Pen Stand with 9 Features?

Turning top-ring bezel. Retractable thumb stud bottle opener. Dual spinners. And much more!

Precision Machined Metal

Using aircraft level material with high precision machine manufacturing that is similar to an high-end smartphone.


Tech Details.

Dimensions | Pen: 10.8mm by 133mm. Ball: 31mm by 35mm.

Accepted Refill | Parker G2 ballpoint(France), Schmidt P900, Schmidt EasyFlow 9000.

Material | Pen: Aluminum, Aluminum+Brass/Copper, Brass+Aluminum, Copper+Aluminum. Ball: Aluminum


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